October 15, 2021

Louisville, KY (15 October 2021) – First Class Air Support, LLC announced Thursday that it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Advanced Aircraft Roller Systems, Inc. to stock, market, and sell its caster assemblies, caster rollers, PDU rollers, bearings, and cargo rollers to commercial aerospace aftermarket and military customers. Advanced Aircraft Roller Systems has developed an extensive line of PMA cargo parts and assemblies that support the Boeing 777F, 767, 747-400F, MD-11F, 787 and Airbus A300, A310, A320, A330, A340 families of aircraft. The company’s Aero-GlideTM rollers and components have been substantiated to provide equivalent performance while offering significant savings for airline operators.

John Dallum, Owner and General Manager of Advanced Aircraft Roller Systems said, “Our rollers last two times longer than similar OEM parts due to our advanced polymer materials and engineering. We are an engineering and manufacturing company, and we are pleased to join forces with First Class Air Support to have their expertise in sales, marketing, and fulfillment to commercial airline customers across the globe.”

Isac Roths, Chief Executive Officer of First Class Air Support further commented, “Advanced Aircraft Roller Systems had many options for distributors of its products, and we are pleased that they value the flexibility and reach that we have with airlines and cargo operators to help them get their products to the end users.”

About Advanced Aircraft Roller Systems:

Advanced Aircraft Roller Systems, Inc. (AARSI) is a progressive thinking company, with an innovative product line that is FAA-PMA approved with installation eligibility for over 1200 aircraft models.

AARSI’s objective is to provide its customers with a quality product that demonstrates unquestionable reliability andperformance, while delivering cost savings through part replacement and maintenance cost due to the durability and extended service life that Aero-Glide™ delivers. Over one hundred thousand Aero-Glide™ tray mounted cargo rollershave been sold and installed on major aircraft carriers since 2002 with no returns, no service problems, no acknowledgment of failures of any kind, nor acknowledgment of any Aero-Glide™ aircraft cargo roller wearing out dueto on-board service.

About First Class Air Support:

First Class Air Support is a leader in the aftermarket aircraft parts industry with over 1,000,000 line items in stock and ready to ship. In its early days, First Class Air Support found a niche by focusing on the freighter type airlines and more specifically, on the cargo systems in those aircraft. Since then, the business scope and customer base has widened to include new generation Boeing aircraft, engine materials, and LRU programs in general. The company was bought by O2 Investment Partners in 2020 and is part of First Class Air Holdings.